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Christian Information that shows God’s Love is Real !!
This site is about Gods love and the gifts he provides every day. We provide a monthly message from God and other information for Christians worldwide. The best bible based prophetic information on the internet. We also provide information on prayer healing, operating in the supernatural, Christian teachings, bible studies, the Bride of Christ, visions, dreams, Oracles of God, Christian poetry & testimonials.
Welcome - the Heavenly Father's desire for this web site and his people | Love Fellowship
A message from God says Beverly has had experiences to share, God wants us to draw closer to him, read the bible, allow him to help us and know that he loves us
God's Love | Love Fellowship
Christian web site overview asking for feedback and suggestions for articles about God, prophesy, prayer, healing, poems, testimonials.
Contact us | Love Fellowship
Please contact us today, leave messages and questions about
Rainbows - A Christian Poem | Love Fellowship
A Christian perspective of Rainbows related to God
Letter from a Friend | Love Fellowship
This is a fictional letter from Jesus but a moving depiction of him trying to express his feelings for us and how God may view the works of nature - inspiring !
Monthly Prophecy July 2008 | Love Fellowship
God is calling all on Earth to follow him and to fulfill their purpose and as a result live their happiest and most fulfilling life.
God the Father says "Come unto Me" | Love Fellowship
This month, the Father's prophetic word is asking everyone, his church, to come to him to seek his help so you can lead your life according to his perfect plan.
God is calling his people to follow | Love Fellowship
This message from God is asking his people to follow him during these coming glorious times.
The Meanings of Colors | Love Fellowship
This is a listing of the meaning and implications of various colors in dreams & visions.
Bride of Christ - Preparing the Way | Love Fellowship
A discussion on preparing the Bride of Christ for Jesus' final coming.
Holy, holy, holy - a call to everyone | Love Fellowship
This is a message from God asking everyone to follow his ways and to become holy.
Heaven Bound | Love Fellowship
This is a description of the process to visit the third heaven. Also included are the relevant bible verses and prayers that are helpful.
Biblical basis for Prayer Healing | Love Fellowship
This teaching provides the bible verses that are the basis for prayer healing.
Poem - The Life of Jesus | Love Fellowship
A poem about the various parts of the life of Jesus from birth to when he ascended into heaven.
God Loves Everybody - a message from | Love Fellowship
categories to be addressed are Prophetic, visions, prayer, healing, bride of christ, bible, studies, ministry, poems, supernatural, heaven and testimonials.
What’s New on this Web Site ? | Love Fellowship is designed to show that God's love is real and currently being poured out daily. The site is under construction with more being added.
April Prophetic Message to Christians and America | Love Fellowship
This message from God asks everyone to draw nearer to him so he can pour out his love to help you fulfill his plan for you & a call to America to return to him.
February Prophecy | Love Fellowship
Message transcribed by Bev Clous:  My people, I say unto you that I am calling you to come; to come, my people.  Come unto Me all you that are heavy laden,
Monthly Prophecy - January, 2008 - God's Message | Love Fellowship
This is God's Monthly Prophetic Word for January 2008 which was transcribed by Bev Clous. It talks about God's love and his desire for us to follow his plan.
Welcome - God's Purpose for this Web Site | Love Fellowship
Message transcribed by Bev Clous. It explains God's purpose for this web site, encourages everyone to follow his plan, accept his love, walk closely with Jesus & receive the Holy Spirit.
Visiting Heaven Vision | Love Fellowship
A vision where Bev is taken to heaven to visit with Jesus and God the Father. This is one of many times Bev has been to heaven.
Vision of Mt. Zion and a Christian's Spiritual Journey | Love Fellowship
This is about of a vision received by Beverly Clous on 1/11/08 and a teaching about a Christian's Spiritual Journey. It contains many recommended bible verses.
Dream: Love in a Kitchen | Love Fellowship
A dream and its interpretation that everyone should love everone so that they may be drawn to God's love and make it to heaven.
Come Holy Spirit - a teaching on the aspects of The Holy Spirit | Love Fellowship
This is a teaching about the aspects of The Holy Spirit with bible study references to verses in the bible.
It is Finished | Love Fellowship
An explaination of the significance of Jesus completing his mission on Earth - It is Finished - references in the bible are provided in this bible study.
What Christians Believe (Definitions) | Love Fellowship
Provides a general overview of what Christians believe through discussions of several concepts and definitions of various Christian terms
Oracles Of God | Love Fellowship
This is a description of how Beverly started to receive the Oracles of God. These messages are just as relevant today as when they were originally received.
The Heavenly Father as author | Love Fellowship
Articles that have been received directly from the Lord will show The Heavenly Father as the author. Other articles are led by the Holy Spirit and/or Jesus.
Bio of web site administrator Jim Clous | Love Fellowship
Jim Clous is an author and the adminstrator of this web site to create this forum for his Mom to share her experiences with everyone.
Bio of web site editor Bev Clous | Love Fellowship
Bev Clous is editor sharing her extraordinary experiences during her close walk with the Lord. She has a strong prophetic gift and a great ability to pray.
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